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My name is Bogdan Stevanović

Employers say I am too young to be considered experienced enough, and my parents say I am too old to be still living off them with a university degree. In such a world, while waiting to grow old to be taken seriously, I do a job that has nothing to do with my profession. I do not live in Belgrade, but Belgrade lives in me.

I write a blog because I am at war with words in my head, so we sign truces on paper. I do not write to prove myself right, but to be happy. A man gains nothing by being right, and has everything when he is happy. I do not have much free time for writing, but I am a fast typer. I have a sharp tongue but my conscience is clean. I agree to make compromises only if they are fair, which means very rarely. I give up my seat for the elderly and pregnant ladies on public transportation, but I won’t have anyone breathing down my neck.

I do not like psychological books on boosting your self-confidence because they make you less intelligent, nicely displayed cakes because they tempt you to sin, electrical equipment that overheats because life is too short.

I will think that I have made it in life when fake moralists, puritans, extreme nationalists, homophobes and sexists know my texts by heart and read them to their children.

Youth Time Magazine: Blogger Bogdan Stevanović On Discovering A World Full Of Barriers 

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