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Please, spare me those wussy, given in teaspoons, measured by pipette, ubiquitous kinds of love that are not real love. Spare me those instant pleasures that can only blur your mind, make your cheeks blush and cause stirring in your groin. Those so-called kinds of love with an expiry date, with terms and conditions and liabilities. Those misguided priorities solely driven by egos while everything else is insignificant. Spare me half-understood definitions, theories learned by heart and incomplete anamneses on the subject of love, and all of that without a single day of practice.

Fuck all those loves that make you lose yourself, instead of showing you how to get to know yourself better, that make you tired instead of giving you strength. Fuck all those loves that did not make you feel like giving up everything for their sake and venturing into the unknown even for a second, the ones that did not make you discover something good you did not even know you could have, or those that did not make you leave something bad behind although you thought you would never get rid of it.

Those half-hearted, half-heated and bland loves should be rebranded as illusions. You should call them by their proper name, even though they might get angry, defiant or start finding excuses. The loves that have been tailored to other people’s expectations, ruled by social norms, chosen according to your mother’s criteria and your father’s yardstick, you should let go. Those loves used to happiness only when the food is plentiful, their wallets and stomachs full, have never driven on the hard shoulder, looked the other way or saved themselves in a photo finish. They are seasonal, like the mating urge, flu or sales. You are driven by your instincts then, they knock you off your feet for a couple of days and anything goes, even if you dislike it. Just because it is available.

I only count the loves that knew they existed even before they occurred, did not wait for the right person to appear, but were the right ones themselves, those that were not hidden from the world, but steeled themselves in the heat. Only those that deeply believe they will last forever because they know they will outlive the physical existence of their owners. Those that find cure for every suffering, and a solution to every problem. Those that do not need to look for a reason to embrace, kiss or caress. Those that turn all hardships into serenity, tears into smiles and the craziest perversions into romance.

You do not wait for love, it does not happen out of the blue, even though it may sometimes seem so. Only the people who carry love inside themselves can recognise it in others, this is why people say that you attract what you emit. That’s why you should not waste time waiting for someone to show their love first before you dare to show your own. Show it always and to everyone if you are sure it is inexhaustible, and you will find a similar one then. Set an example to the kind of love you want to feel.

And fear nothing. Those who love have courage for everything, so they are prepared for everything. And the ones who are loved get strength to deal with everything, that’s why everything is possible when two people love each other. That’s why love changes the world. Never the other way around.

Translated from the Serbian by Svetlana Milivojević-Petrović

This post is also available in: Serbian

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